What Are the Elements



What Are the Elements

Elements in magick, refer to archetypal elements which explain patterns in nature. They are based on the Classical Greek elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water which in turn are bound together by Spirit (sometimes referred to as Ether).

Each element has various properties and influences, with corresponding attributes.


Animals: Bear, Boar, Bull, Stag, Sow, Snake
Colours: Earthy Browns, Greens, and sometimes either Black or White
Direction: North
Elemental Being: Gnome
Emotions: Patience, Stability, Strength
Energy: Feminine
Magick: Abundance, Animals, Instinct, Farming, Prosperity,
Stability, Strength, Work
Mythical Creatures: Dryad, Faun, Goblin, Satyr
Offerings: Crystals, Rice
Places: Caves, Forests, Plants, Trees
Tarot Suit: Coins/Disks in the Minor Arcana
Time of Day: Night/Midnight
Time of Life: Old Age
Tools: Pentacle, Staff
Season: Winter
Study: Carving, Gardening, Herbalism
Symbols: Bones, Fur, Gardens, Mountains, Stone, Wood


Animals: Birds, Butterfly
Colours: Blue, Green, White, Yellow
Direction: East
Elemental Being: Slyph
Emotions: Freedom
Energy: Masculine
Magick: Creativity, Communication, Divination, Expression, Intellect, Knowledge, Memory, Mental Activity, Reason, Soul, Thought, Visualisation
Mythical Creatures: Pegasus
Offerings: Incense, Music
Places: Cliffs and Windy Places
Tarot Suit: Wands or Swords
Time of Day: Dawn
Time of Life: Childhood
Tools: Athame, Bell, Incense, Wand
Season: Spring
Study: Creative Writing, Language, Poetry
Symbols: Feather


Animals: Cats, Foxes
Colours: Gold, Orange, Red
Direction: South
Elemental Being: Salamanders
Emotions: Courage, Confidence Enthusiasm, Desire, Passion
Energy: Masculine
Magick: Banishing, Destruction, Fertility, Force, Love, Lust, Virility, Rejuvenation
Mythical Creatures: Dragon, Drake, Phoenix
Offerings: Burning Object
Places: Bonfire, Volcanoes
Tarot Suit: Swords, Wands
Time of Day: Noon
Time of Life: Youth
Tools: Athame, Candle, Wand
Season: Summer
Study: Self Expression
Symbols: Lightning, Sun


Animals: Dolphin, Fish, Water Birds
Colours: Blue, Grey, Green, White
Direction: West
Elemental Being: Undine
Emotions: Empathic, Sympathetic
Energy: Feminine
Magick: Beauty, Conception, Divination, Healing, Intuition,
Insight, Love, Pregnancy
Mythical Creatures: Mermaid, Sea Serpent
Offerings: Water
Places: Lakes, Ponds, Pools, Rivers, Seas, Waterfalls, Wells
Tarot Suit: Cups
Time of Day: Dusk
Time of Life: Adulthood
Tools: Chalice
Season: Autumn
Study: Divination
Symbols: Cup, Shells, Water

Recommended Reading

Earth, Air, Fire and Water by
Scott Cunningham

Elemental Shaman

Spell for Lesson 2 – Water Elemental Meditation

For this spell, you will need drinking water, an open glass container such as a jar or bowl, and some sounds of water if possible—either a recording of rain or running water, or if possible sit near a fountain or stream.
You should be able to hear, see, smell, touch, and taste water.
To start, listen to its sound.
Next, look at the water source or at the water in your container.
Pause to consider how vital water is to our existence.
Think of all the ways we use it and how life would be without it.
Be grateful for water.

Say: “Ripples on the pond,
Sacred spring and well,
The current and the tide,
Watch it flow and swell.

Water of the earth,
Water from above,
Waters of the world,
Fill us with your love.”

Take a sip of the water.

Engage all your senses in experiencing water.
The element of water represents emotions and feelings.
Try to get in touch with this aspect of yourself, and consider all the aspects of water—rain, lakes, springs, streams, and oceans, and its association with the womb.

Continue your meditation for 10-15 minutes, or until you feel ready to stop.

-Author Unknown-

Fire Meditation

Light the fire in the fire pit, or you could use your favourite candles.

Sit in front of the fire but not to close about 1-2 meters away. If you use candles then use four and set them down in a square. Sit yourself in the middle of the candles. Cross your legs and close your eyes, feel the fire on your face, listen to it and take a long breath. Think about the spirit of the fire. Think of the life of the fire and the energy! Again, feel the fire again and take another long but slow breath Open your eyes and say:

”I am the fire that glows bright,
The fire that is in me,
Fire is now connected with my soul,
For fire is one of my bound partners,
I am the fire that gives us light,
I am the one that glows a bright light.”

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