And love is freeing …

This paper I make after enjoy Iftar, with some cigarettes and ofcourse a glass of black coffee, as usual. And as usual, there are also feelings back in the footsteps of earlier times. Time, when there are a lot of things pass and leaving such meanings as well as in the plenary. A time where, love it feels as well and truly alive, in fact it feels terrific momentum amongst the refugee barracks, a remote village, the area of disasters that are overflowing with overwhelming sea of tears and sadness, and … that’s why there’s always love and animate there.
Not mere poetic words, and words that always land prices from the mouth of the poets and poet. This is a time that is terrific, with whom love is really freeing and emancipation for every course to close to her, to always feel shady and peaceful, and isn’t love indeed created Lord in order to apply. Thus, there is hell what, so now with the pangs of love are often injured?, what’s wrong with him?

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Jogja, Twilight efflux, seventh full moon 2012

Share is light, lucky people who use conscience & his senses, so with that he could appreciate life and share it to any others. Have congratulations on breaking the fasting month Indonesia ….


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