Solo The Spirit Of Java 267th Anniversary

Surakarta on The Move

Happy Birthday-267 To Solo City-Loved Hopefully, The Slogan “Berseri” Without Corruption Isn’t Just A Dream, And It’ More Convenient For All Its Citizens Without Exception, And May Give The Impression To Anyone Who Came Here.
Keep Solo Comfort!!!


Happy birthday my lovely SOLO, THE SPIRIT OF JAVA
My town is so awesome !!!!

I want my city:

Friendly to pedestrians. So people prefer to walk rather than ride vehicles. It Could save you FUEL. Pollution is reduced, a healthier body.

Shady and lush with trees are neatly manicured.

Heavy traffic wait, no rush and mutual respect.

Free internet network Network for the public around the corners of the city.

CCTV for security installed in all corners of the city.

Five-foot Traders regularly, well maintained, clean and cheap.

Parking system are orderly, reasonable rates. No quibble thugs continue to ask for money reef midshipman parking se-tasty on its own.

Community Leaders and bureaucrats who safeguard and humanizing its citizens. It’s not like the tax office employees face crumpled like an omelet.

Event clean-up most towns did not once a month and valid for all citizens. Especially drainage channels of the city if you can be, in fact, contrived so such sights in the city of Seoul. It can bring profit/tours. The city is clean and well known, technically can make cooler temperatures of the city.

Development projects that make a dirty environment, leadership of the contractor and the owner must be given social sanctions by cleaning the dirt with their own hands. It was announced in the mass media.

The development of the hotel front of the Ursuline convent school, make a dirty environment and depriving citizens of the right corridor slow.

Better integrated public transport, driver not chasing deposit, the vehicles dress rehearsal tour fragrance If you need installed CCTV like in Korea, there is a CCTV on monitoring city bus driver, the rate control for vehicles, the vagaries of the doings of citizens and minimize the crimes in the bus. If necessary, create Singapore MRT-like kite tram. Technically very possible made in SOLO.

Massive Promotion throughout the world, planned well and support each other for tourism.

ALWAYS FREE FROM CORRUPTION, because corruption is at the root of the collapse of public order.

~ Sugeng Ambal Warsa Solo Tercinta ~

Happy Anniversary My Lovely Town

ps ~ ouch…my english is so Awfull 😀


6 responses to “Solo The Spirit Of Java 267th Anniversary

  1. woi…gie kemane aje loe, ditanyain terus tuh ama anak-anak mapala. hadeuh…pada kangen pengen touring lage tuh 😀

  2. So many wishes for Solo…I say Amen for your wishes 🙂
    Nice shots and good to know for those who just know about Solo..